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What Medicine To Take For Covid Nasal Congestion

Saline rinses can remove bacteria and allergens from the nasal cavity and ease symptoms of allergies, sinus infections and colds. A current clinical trial is designed to look for effects of baby... Saline sprays and drops are available over the counter and safe for adults and kids. These nasal sprays can be used two or more times per day to help relieve congestion and a runny nose. Nasal irrigation: Some individuals report a relief of symptoms when they perform nasal irrigation using syringes, neti pots or bottle sprayers.

Common decongestant nasal sprays (oxymetazoline/Afrin and phenylephrine/Sinex) and decongestant pills (pseudoephedrine/Sudafed) should be used with caution because excessive use can eventually exacerbate the congestion, Zafar says. A condition called "rebound congestion" may crop up after use of these medications for more than three.


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